A Burning and Shining Light


An account of George Whitefield that is told in a way that has not been presented before. Dan Nelson follows the complete and rapid pace of George Whitefield, one who Spurgeon said was his human example of ministry. Nelson resources all former biographies of Whitefield’s life while focusing on the impact of his global ministry. It is a thrilling read, bound to bring inspiration and wonderment to how God could use such a one in such an amazing way. For a dramatization of George Whitefield by the author, go to Dr. Nelson presents George Whitefield.



(George Whitefield)
A Burning and Shining Light

The Testimony and Witness of George Whitefield
By Dan Nelson

The amazing story of one rising out of obscurity to become a pivotal leader in the History of Christianity is seen in the life of George Whitefield. His preaching on two continents became the catalyst for the First Great Awakening in the first half of the 18th Century before the birth of America as a nation.

Over 300 years have passed since Whitefield’s birth, but his influence still lives on today. The thrilling adventure of his life is captured by Dan Nelson in this new biography of his life. Nelson has devoted much of his ministry to a serious study of Whitefield regarding his preaching, influence and model of ministry.

A Burning and Shining Light-The Testimony and Witness of George Whitefield captures the journey of Whitefield in his preaching ministry that took him across the Atlantic seven times. It is one of the most purely chronological accounts of his life. The major events of his ministry and impact on the world are covered and thoroughly researched. You don’t want to miss this historical and inspirational story bound to excite you about the Lord’s work and what a life can do solely devoted to the furtherance of the gospel.

To watch a video of Author, Dr. Dan Nelson, impersonating George Whitefield in drama, go to:

Dr. Nelson presents George Whitefield


Dan Nelson’s biography of George Whitefield is a wonderfully engaging chronicle of a truly great life. I love the rich insights into Whitefield’s personality and opinions. Whitefield had an amazing gift for proclaiming the Word of God with tremendous passion and power—even in the most hostile environments. As a result, he was enormously influential in his generation, and he left a long-lasting mark on the culture of both the United Kingdom and America. Evangelicals in the current generation desperately need to rediscover Whitefield and imbibe a fresh dose of his faith and his love for the Word of God.

—John MacArthur
Pastor, Author, President
The Master’s Seminary

George Whitefield is a towering figure in the story of evangelical Christianity. Knowing his life is essential for understanding the roots of modern evangelism. Dan Nelson has done a superb job of bringing a man to life that you will enjoy getting to know.  As you read this book, you will understand why those who come to know his story yearn for him to be widely known among those who follow Jesus today. Yes, one life truly can make an enormous difference in the world.

—Chuck Kelley, President
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

George Whitefield is among the premier examples in Christendom of how a preacher ought to live. Now Dan Nelson has brought this fabled preacher back to life. No one can read this volume and remain unchanged.

—Paige Patterson, President
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

George Whitefield was the most powerful preacher of Awakening in Britain and America, yet he remains strangely forgotten today, even by many evangelical Christians. There are signs of an evangelical recovery of Whitefield, however, and I hope that Pastor Dan Nelson’s book will introduce many readers to this great luminary of the eighteenth-century revivals.

—Thomas S. Kidd
Professor of History
Baylor University

Through Dan Nelson’s clear and edifying portrait of George Whitefield, readers will be stirred as they encounter Whitefield’s life, ministry, vision, and evangelistic burden.

—Chris Morgan
Dean and Professor of Theology
School of Christian Ministries,
California Baptist University

The story of George Whitefield is one that every generation of the church needs to hear afresh, and that because of its power to remind us of the glory and power of the great God of the eighteenth-century evangelist. Dan Nelson has written a popular account of Whitefield’s incredible life and ministry, laying it out in strict chronological order, and showing us clearly how God used this man in the hurly-burly of his day. Running through his narrative is a passion for the very same thing Whitefield knew and experienced: heaven-sent revival. May this book be a means to such an end!

—Michael A. G. Haykin
Professor of Church History & Biblical Spirituality
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Louisville, KY

The legacy of George Whitefield on the continuing work of his “beloved Bethesda” cannot be understated. Whitefield as founder, spiritual guide, visionary leader, and even as a pragmatic manager, continues to impact this ministry that he first established in 1740. Today, Bethesda Academy still holds true to the value equation Whitefield dictated, “a love of God, a love of learning and a strong work ethic.” Dan Nelson’s work provides profound insights into how one man’s passion for Christ can still inspire leaders and believers generations later.

—T. David Tribble
Former President, Bethesda Academy

This compelling biography of the premier evangelist of the English language, George Whitefield, is a priceless treasure for the church. Here is a well-researched, concisely-written account of one of history’s most prolific figures, the “Grand Itinerant” who ignited flames of revival on both sides of the Atlantic. The life and ministry of Whitefield is one of the most remarkable stories you will ever read and is sure to inspire you. These pages, I believe, will stir your spiritual blood and move you to action for the cause of Christ.

—Steven J. Lawson
President of One Passion Ministries,
Preaching professor in the masters and doctoral programs,
The Master’s Seminary



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