The Lords Supper Communion Preparation


This book is a thorough study of the Lord’s Supper, or Communion, for kids ages 8-14. “The Lord’s Supper… Let’s Get Ready!” prepares the student for the observance of communion through study of Scripture. This has just been revised and is the new 7.5 x 9.25 format that sits nicely on the shelf!


The Lords Supper communion preparation is the perfect follow-up after  completing God, Should I Be Baptized?

Newly revised and new size! The Lords Supper Communion Preparation is a thorough study of Scripture for kids ages 8-14. “The Lords Supper… Let’s Get Ready!” prepares the student for the observance of communion through study of Scripture. In four sessions, he (or she) will:

  • Learn of Communion’s origin
  • Understand what communion means and its implication
  • Deepen his relationship with God
  • Be challenged in discipleship

What you will find in the The Lords Supper, Let’s Get Ready!

Each workbook provides adequate space to write answers! There are illustrations on almost every page. And the answers are found directly in the NIV Scriptures which are included in the book! There are Puzzles after each chapter along with a Review Section. A glossary is provided at the end and The Lord’s Supper, Let’s Get Ready! is parent and teacher friendly. New 7.5 x 9.25 inch format.

Written by Laurie Donahue and Paul Phillipps, The Lords Supper-communion preparation ties the old testament passover to Christ’s rescue of us. Just as the Israelites were rescued from slavery in Egypt, we have been rescued from slavery of sin. There are many correlations between these two events in the Bible. Christ gave the disciples the Lord’s Supper in the upper room while celebrating the Passover meal. There is a key workbook page comparing Passover and Christ’s sacrifice, which gives Scripture for the student to find the comparisons of the two.

John MacArthur says, “This is a great effort that I recommend highly for churches that desire to expose their children to solid teaching on the Lord’s table. This book could be utilized in Children’s Church and Sunday School, by parents and, in every area, make a significant impact for this critical matter of confession of sin and worship of our crucified, risen Lord.” (John MacArthur)

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