Memorize the Plagues of Egypt


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Memorize the Plagues of Egypt!

Memorize the Plagues of Egypt quickly and easily! Here is an excellent tool to help. Each plague is creatively illustrated.

How does it work?

To memorize the Plagues of Egypt, first the student does a number search to find the plague number embedded in the picture. Next the student does a counting puzzle. Each plague also consists of a short description of that plague and a corresponding Bible Verse. Afer each first picture, there is an outline picture with the embedded number as an answer key. The answers for the counting puzzle are in a key in the back.

All it takes is reading through the book a couple of times and searching for the numbers inside the picture of that day. And Voila! You memorize the Plagues of Egypt! With the visual association, you memorize the plague almost effortlessly. Part of the Help Me Remember Series, this book will delight children of any age with its colorful illustrations and puzzle challenges.

Joni Eareckson Tada says:

“If someone were to ask me right now, ‘What did God Create on the 5th day?’ or ‘What’s the 5th plague brought upon by the Egyptians?’ … I would know the answer! And I would have Delphine Bates and her wonderfully imaginative books to thank for it. Honestly, she has given us, young and old alike, an ingenious way to memorize the Ten Commandments, the Seven Days of Creation, and finally, the Plagues of Egypt. What’s more, she makes it so easy. You must have these little treasures at home and in your church library.”


Help Me Remember the Plagues of Egypt was created and written by Delphine Bates. She has been a Sunday School Teacher and Seminary Wives leader. Married in 1962, the Bates’ were blessed with four children. Reflecting on Psalm 128, they have lived to enjoy their grandchildren, all 14 of them. A very special verse to Delphine is 1 Thessalonians 5:18: “No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus”.

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