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Powerpoint presentation for Mr Blue a Job for You. Includes book reading by Laurie Donahue and teaching slides.

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Powerpoint Slides Download for Mr Blue a Job for You. Includes book illustrations by Laurie Donahue and teaching slides. (slides only- no audio)

Mr Blue- A Job For You

Mr Blue- A Job For You will delight children of any age with its colorful shapes that burst with personality. With occasional humor, this story is lighthearted yet touches feelings that are universal to all. This sensitive story is illustrative of the message that God has gifted each of us for His purpose, and our task as His children, is to seek what that is. Mr Blue, A Job For You is stimulating in its use of concepts of color, shape, size, numbers, sequence, and pattern. In the pocket on the inside of the back cover are cardstock shapes just waiting to be cut out. You can act the story out in role play as it is read. There are also pieces that will serve as a puzzle at the end of the story.

Diversity and unity among friends

So come celebrate with Mr Blue as he discovers both his diversity and his unity among his friends in the process of learning God’s purpose for him. complete with cut-out shapes for role play and a puzzle that are stored in a pocket in the back of the book. For author site see:


Laurie Donahue is an author, speaker and mentor of children’s ministry leaders, teachers and parents. She helps children’s leaders and parents invest themselves in training of children in biblical Truth.

She focuses on “teaching kids what really matters in a way that matters to them.” She helps teachers, parents and children’s leaders teach accurately, completely and appropriately.

She has written books that help accomplish these same goals. The best selling is God… Should I Be Baptized? which has sold over 40,000 copies.

Go to her blog where she posts relevant content for your personal life and ministry. If you are leader of children–or aspire to be–then this blog is for you. You can find her at


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