Baptism Workbook Leader Key


Now Available! Here is the leader key for the popular baptism workbook for kids, God Should I Be Baptized?  It is a downloadable pdf of the book with the answers included.


Leader Key for God Should I Be Baptized?
Baptism Workbook

Compatible with the popular baptism workbook for kids, God Should I Be Baptized?  This ebook is a downloadable pdf of the book God Should I Be  Baptized? but with the answers included. This is a great help for teachers and parents as they guide their students/ kids through the preparation for immersion baptism. Best student ages: 8-12

Baptism Workbook Leaders' Key

Over 45,000 copies of the workbook for kids,  God Should I Be Baptized? have been sold since 1995 and continues to be popular because of its strong biblical content. The original illustrated workbook curriculum guides steps in child baptism toward a relationship with God and prepares him or her for believer’s baptism. It is newly revised, however tt’s the same great book, but a different size. The new format is easier to handle and sits nicely on a shelf!

Child Baptism workbook God Should I Be Baptized?

God Should I Be Baptized? was written by Laurie Donahue and Ralph Rittenhouse and has served children’s ministry leaders and parents of children for 20 years.

“God… Should I Be Baptized” is:

  • 4 Dynamic sessions!
  • 96 pages
  • 7.5 x 9.25 workbook style
  • keepsake manual
  • for 8-12 year old students

It thoroughly covers the steps to a relationship with God and the basics of discipleship and prepares the student for a believer’s water child baptism through research into Scripture. This book is suited for individual use or classroom setting.

The four chapters cover:

1. Who God is, His character and attributes. We can begin to trust Him after we know His character.

2. Creation, the fall and our sin problem. Then God’s wonderful solution in Christ- with an opportunity to receive Him for students that haven’t yet.

3. The “who, what, when, where, and why” of believer’s immersion baptism.

4. Walking according to God’s game plan. (Basic discipleship)

God- Should I Be Baptized? has adequate space to write answers! There are Illustrations on almost every page and the answers are found directly in Scripture! It includes NIV Scripture, Puzzles and Glossary, Review Section, and Instructions for Baptism day! It also includes photo page, journal page and a certificate! God- Should I Be Baptized? is teacher/parent friendly and the perfect solution for your child baptism preparation.


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